Bridal shop in San Francisco, CA



Here at WildBride we are overjoyed to be part of such a beautiful and historic community such as Hayes Valley. Our shop is located just a block away from Alamo Square Park, and the iconic Painted Ladies. But aside from our historic neighbors we are fortunate to be surrounded by a plethora of notable businesses that we recommend you stop by before or after an appointment. Some of our favorites include: 

As one of the most photographed locations in San Francisco it’s almost impossible to pass up the opportunity to take your photo in front of the Painted Ladies. These stunning Victorian homes sit on what is known as “Postcard Row” and can be perfectly viewed from Alamo Square park just across the street from the houses.

The Painted Ladies were constructed between 1892 and 1896 and still stand in it’s original architecture even after the 1906 earthquake. Although the colors of the Painted Ladies have now become part of the attraction, it should be noted that the colors are not original to the homes. In WWII homes around San Francisco were painted gray according to UpOut. They were repainted in the 1960’s after local artist Butch Kardum painted his home with loud greens and blues. Soon after other homes around San Francisco started doing the same.


1. The Center SF:  A relaxing center that includes yoga rooms, tea rooms and workshops.  

♡ Why we love it: Our favorite stop after a long day of work. Perfect space to give yourself a moment to unwind and disconnect from technology.  

2. Biergarten: German pub inspired beer garden with outdoor communal tables. 

♡ Why we love it: Perfect for a fun, casual evening. Deliciously messy food and beer included.

3. The Riddler: A sophisticated early 20th century style champagne bar with modern american twist.

♡ Why we love it: Perfect spot to pop a bottle of champagne with friends or enjoy wine and caviar with a date. Whatever the occasion, the Riddler is a must on your schedule. 

4. Blue Bottle: A Bay Area coffee chain based out of Oakland, California.

♡ Why we love it: The coffee is bright and uplifting. Perfect location to stop by for a quick coffee to go.

5. A Mano: Fresh handmade pasta made with simple ingredients, yet filled with complex flavors.  

♡ Why we love it: Ingredients are catered to the seasons which gives it a nice homey taste. Beautiful interior decorations and fun sidewalk seating makes it feel like you are in Italy.  

6. Barcino: A local restaurant which blesses us with the flavors of the Catalonia region of Spain.

♡ Why we love it: You never know what surprises are in store since the flavors are frequently changing. The restaurant includes a raw bar which allows the guests enjoy a taste of seasonal seafood. Oh and I’ve got three words for you: Seasonal, Paella, Specials…

7. Reliquary: A curated collection of apparel, jewelry and folk art. They feature small designer lines and one of a kind vintage items.  

♡ Why we love them: Beautiful rustic pieces that make you feel strong and curious.  

8. Salt & Straw: A new favorite ice cream shop here from Portland with a beautiful story and now two locations in San Francisco.

♡ Why we love them: Has a lot of soul and creativity going into each flavor, which makes it unlike any ice cream you’ve had before.

9. Ver Unica: An upscale vintage shop that sells clothing and accessories from the turn of the 20th century onward.

♡ Why we love them: Chic, one of a kind clothing and accessories you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Plus vintage and thrift shops helps reduce clothing waste into our environment. It’s a win win!

10. Nopa: A San Francisco gathering staple with emphasis on organic seasonal ingredients.

♡ Why we love it: The restaurant puts so much passion and emphasis on creating food that helps our community. The ingredients come from local purveyors and the restaurant itself specialized in wood-fire cuisine.

11. The Perish Trust: A modern general store that specializes in unique home goods.

♡ Why we love them: Each piece has a well worn look about it which makes you feel like you found treasure in an attic.   

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