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Designer Spotlight: Sophia Kokosalaki


We are very excited and honored to announce Sophia Kokosalaki’s first ever trunk show in the U.S. at WildBride Bridal Boutique. She is a true inspiration and I hope that after this short introduction you can fall in love with her as much as you do with her designs. The trunkshow will last from from April 13th - April 22nd with limited space so make sure to book your appointment as soon as possible. Some of our favorites from the collection include Euthenia, Khrysothemis and Sinoe.

The inspiring success story of Sophia Kokosalaki is one for the books. She has become a top name in the fashion industry juggling many jobs. From designing uniforms for teams and officials at the 2004 Olympics to becoming the creative director of the revived fashion house Vionnet in 2006, Sophia Kokosalaki has gained the respects of her peers and the admiring public – Alexander McQueen, Chloe Sevigny, Kristen Dunst and Renzo Rosso to name a few. Since starting her fashion line in 1999, Kokosalaki has developed a style inspired by her Greek heritage, best known for her elaborate and constructive draping methods, which she claims may or may not be inspired by Greek Crecean robes stating, “Do I drape because I am Greek? At the beginning, I completely denied it, but it was probably what I felt most comfortable doing because I’d been exposed to it so much growing up.”

Despite her impact within the fashion world, Kokosalaki hasn’t always thought about becoming a fashion designer. During her time at the University of Athens, she studied English and Greek Literature, almost continued her education in Political Science until she decided on joining the School of Central Saint Martin and pursuing fashion design. Kokosalaki claims that one of her biggest challenges as a fashion designer was her decision to join Renzo Rosso in 2009 for his popular denim fashion house Diesel’s Black Gold label. The style had been very different to what she was use to, but she said she enjoyed the challenge, stating “I love to surprise” and saw the opportunity to work on jeans beside Rosso as a good learning experience. Perhaps her determination to evolve as a designer was what inspired her to venture out into bridalwear. Starting in 2011 Sophia Kokosalaki released her first bridal collection with a total of 18 dresses with her same signature look of drapery over structural dresses. To this day, Kokosalaki continues to make dresses that are breathtaking and elegant enough to wear long after the wedding ceremony.

In this trunkshow expect to see geometrical shapes, lace and clean crisp colors in the 2017 collection as the brand moves into a more architecturally inspired look. The 2016 collection holds the most unique styles by featuring pieces such as a sheer slip like dress or stunning black garments. The 2015 collection holds a look that is more evident to her classic Greek inspired dresses. The construction of the garments gives a statuesque impression that is sure to make you feel like a goddess.

Samira Araghi