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Bay Area Outdoor Weddings: Seaside Venues


Hello and welcome back! I hope you enjoyed our fabulous first installment to your Top Wedding Venues in Northern California. Last time we talked about our favorite Forest Venues, if you haven’t read that yet… First of all, why?! It is fantastic if I do say so myself. Second of all, click the link here if you’re curious about it now ;)

This week we are talking about Seaside Venues, for all of you who found the Eric to your Ariel (or the Sebastian to your Flounder) and want to share it with everyone ;). I hope you enjoy this list as much as I enjoyed making it. Stay tune for the next installment of this journal very soon!


Price Average: $9,051 - $13,200

Max Capacity: 150 guests

Mood: airy, decorative, eutierria

Location: Muir Beach, CA

Ok, so I assume you’re a nature lover if you’re interested in it being part of your wedding experience. So here’s your chance to give back, since Slide Ranch is a environmental education non-profit organization your money will be going towards their causes. It’s a special little way to give back to nature for what it has given you and I, and an added bonus to this already happy day. But let's be real, it’s kind of hard to be unhappy when you’re here. The beautiful walk through the foliage right down to the sand is half of the unforgettable elements of nature within this venue. Live out your true bohemian dream with simplistic yet elegant backdrops against the sweeping hills and California coast. You can also choose from any of their wonderful reception areas including their Mongolian style yurt, or a fabulous group campsite. 

Hughes Sunset_Nicks Cove.jpg

Price Average: $6,613 - $11,560

Max Capacity: 120 - 250 guests

Mood: casual, seafaring, homespun

Location: Marshall, CA

In the very hip and happening town of Marshall you’ll find our next venue destination. Nick’s Cove is the type of destination that you would find in an old family vacation album, which means it holds its own charms as a laidback get-away everyone can enjoy. Perfect as a year round venue, in the summer you can crack open a cold one with grandma on the dock, and in winter you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the mist floating on top of the water in one of their 12 cottages. Food is also guaranteed to be fresh, for all you local, organic food lovers the property holds 2 acres of an onsite garden that produce 80 percent of their restaurant menu. The other 20 percent of the menu relies on other sustainable, local farm suppliers just to really zero in on that farm-to-table dining experience. Oh and I guess you can say that the award-winning, hand-crafted cocktails at their historically restored bar is just the olive on top.

Photo Credit: Nikki Ritcher

W+A0047 (1).jpg

Price Average: $3,100 - $3,600

Max Capacity: 3 - 40 guests

Mood: Intimate, verdant , romantic  

Location: Big Sur, CA

Ok picture this, a beautiful simplistic wedding on the edge of a sea side resort, overlooking the water. No bells and whistles, just you, me, and 1- 40 guests… Oops! I mean you, your Fiance and 1- 40 guests! *nervous laugh*  Post Ranch Inn is a lovely wedding venue for those tho value romance and privacy. The setting takes place on a beautiful coastal Californian cliff, overlooking a perfect view of the redwoods and Pacific Ocean. The staff at Post Ranch Inn value the experience of each guest, making sure that they get exactly what they are searching for on their special day. Honeymoons are also offered for the happy couple after the ceremony, they can accommodate you based on the length of your stay with special perks like a day with a Lexis rental, so you and your fiance and blow that popsicle stand in style.

Photo Credit: Evynn Levalley


Average Price: $800- $7,500

Max Capacity: 75 - 250 guests

Mood: breezy, open, shabby chic

Location: Pescadero, CA


Be one with the elements in the middle of this unique spot. This nature centered resort overlooks the beautiful California coastline in the middle of Halfmoon Bay and Santa Cruz. The venue offers multiple wedding locations for stunning pictures, so whether you’re looking for a location overlooking fields of sweeping grass, secluded beaches or seaside cliffs you’re bound to fall in love this venue. It also uniquely holds a number of small community style resort is made up of small cabins or tents that hold a charming and intimate vibe for you and your guests. I know what you’re thinking so go ahead, cue the violins and live your Elizabeth Bennet moment on the cliffs edge, I promise we won’t judge.

Photo Credit: Delbarr Moradi

cuffey's cove ranch.jpg

Average Price: (min 3 nights stay included) $10,000

Max Capacity: 200 guests

Mood: Bucolic, cozy, historic  

Location: Elk, CA

Founded in the mid 1850’s this historic landmark is the hidden gem of the Mendocino’s coastline. The house that sits on the venue today is original to the property, which means it holds all the Victorian charm for those who have a soft spot for this classic era. But don’t worry, as much as we love the Victorians this isn’t a complete immersive experience, modern appliances are incorporated. *Phew!* But somewhere between the thousand protected acres and cozy accommodations you’ll still find a sense of a dreamy escape that will make you forget the hustle and bustle of city lifestyle.