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Bay Area Weddings: City Venues


Hello lovely! I’m so happy to see you again :) Welcome back to our Venue Blog Series! Last post we talked seaside venues, if you haven’t read it yet stop what you’re doing and click the link here to catch up on your reading.

In this post we will be listing out a few of our favorite city venues for all you WildBrides. We were especially excited to write about this installment because not only are we located in sunny San Francisco, we also got to write about our neighbors and share some of the local secrets. The locations on the list cater to someone who is looking for a unique and creative venue in the city that will forever leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. So without further ado, here are our fantastic city venues.


stable resize.jpg

Stable Cafe  

Price Average: $3,750 - $5,000

Max Capacity: 40- 60

Mood: lush, serene, cosmopolitan  

Location: San Francisco, CA

Although this 18th century building doesn’t seem like much from the outside, you’d be amazed at the quantity of space, inside and out. This location truly outdoes your expectations in terms of the limitations of a city wedding. Stable Cafe is a little different in that you transcend into an oasis the moment you step in the doors. The courtyard holds a variety of plants including some that will tower over you and your guests. Lit by twinkling lights and an open brick oven, it’s hard not to feel the romance in this location.


Pearl resize.jpg

The Pearl   

Price Average: $8,000 - $15,500

Max Capacity: 200 - 250

Mood: ecocentric, urban, structural

Location: San Francisco, CA: Dogpatch District

In the very modern and forward thinking Dogpatch District you’ll find a little piece of utopia hidden within the warehouses. This location holds small elements of nature within its space, like organically cut wooden decor and a rooftop deck that overlooks the cityscapes. On the mezzanine level of this unique structure you can enjoy some of their handcrafted cocktails. The Pearl aimes to be an environmental centered space complemented by clean modern architecture and this location is MASSIVE, like enough space for an acrobatic show. So if you happen to have a large family or you and your partner just so happen to be professional acrobats, this might be the venue you’ve been looking for. 


Foreign resize.jpg

Foreign Cinema  

Price Average: $5,000 - $35,000

Max Capacity: 60 - 350

Mood: spirited, witty, charming

Location: San Francisco, CA

Foreign Cinema is a cool, laid back venue for those who want to add a casual element to their wedding. For the movie loving couple, this venue is known for its nightly “drive in” style viewings on its large projector. With the choice of an indoor or outdoor reception, you’re in control of the elements you want to incorporate into your special day. Whether that be an intimate cocktail party experience with a large fireplace or a fun, unique cinematic event for you and your guests, the hardest choice you might have to make is what movie you’re going to pick for your showing

Photo Credit: Jerry Yoon Photography

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Bluxome Winery

Price Average: $8,500 - $13,500

Max Capacity: 100 -130

Mood:  stylish, urban, industrial

Location: San Francisco, CA

Fellow wine lovers and lovers of San Francisco, I’d like to introduce you to a hidden gem in the SOMA district of the foggy city. Although we’re not too far out from wine country, many of us wouldn’t consider San Francisco as being a part of it. But what many of us don’t know is that back in the day, wineries in this region started in San Francisco. Thankfully for us however this left behind some delicious remnants of the cities viticultural history. Much like Bluxome Winery, who have stayed passionate about keeping wineries within San Francisco. The winery itself holds a lot of industrial charm with hints of traditional accents, like the classic wine in a wooden barrel and exposed rope holding the chandeliers above you. With a little help from the Bluxome staff this place can transform into a modern romantic venue location that is sure to be the talk of the year. 

Photo Credit: Jen Huang

Starline Social Club

Starline Social Club  

Price Average: $12,000 - $22,000

Max Capacity: 80 - 150 guests

Mood: antiquated, hip, fun

Location: Oakland, CA

If you love historic venues with a modern updated purpose you’re going to love Starline Social Club. This Historic location was built in 1893 in Oakland, CA. It’s been used for concerts, wedding and other events, but it will maintain the same hip laid back reputation no matter what you do with the space. You can enjoy the wide selection of drinks at the dimly lit bar and bistro, so you can feel as sophisticated and elegant as the adult you always to be. This venue also comes with a grand ballroom that fits up to 150 guests so you can party with your guests until the AM.


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